About Us

  Warrior's Way Jerky is a veteran owned and operated company that is founded and run by Marine Corps Veteran Pat Stone (Me).  I served in the USMC for 6 years, including a tour in Iraq in 2003.

  My jerky making began after the purchase of an air fryer.  Seeing the dehydrate setting on the air fryer I decided to try making my own beef jerky (a favorite snack when I was in the Marines).  After some trial and error, and experimenting with flavors I found a few I liked.  I excitedly shared my new found excitement.

  I knew I had something worthwhile when people offered to pay me to make them some.  That grew into me experimenting with new flavors, and with some encouragement and help from friends and family, eventually deciding to make it into a business.  I grew from the air fryer to a convection oven, and eventually to a commercial dehydrator.

The Warrior's Way Jerky came from wanting to have some sort of tie in to my time in the Marine Corps, but also appealing to others. There are many different kinds of warriors, and everyone is fighting their own battles in different ways. We strive to appeal to all warriors, and help fuel your battles.

  My goal is to provide delicious beef jerky that is of the highest quality, and unique flavors.  I hope you enjoy it!